Top 5 poker ICM calculators

The ICM poker calculators are tools used to calculate the relative value of the players’ chips in a tournament. For many it is a fundamental support, since it helps to speed up the assimilation of data with which to make strategic decisions in the game.

The calculation of the ICM (Independent Chip Model) is vital for any player seeking to improve his tournament skills. The ICM allows to evaluate the expected value of a decision in terms of chips and real money, considering the prize distribution and payout structure of the tournament. And what a calculator does is just to facilitate these calculations, hence the growing interest in the calculation of the ICM in poker has led to a wide range of calculators. But are they all equally good, and do they all offer the same thing?

Yes and no. They are all ICM calculators, but not all have the same functionalities. That’s why we have put together what we consider to be the 5 best ICM calculators for poker, in order to guide your steps when you start using these tools to help the player.


ICMizer is probably the most well-known poker ICM calculator.

It is one of the best thanks to its intuitive interface and powerful calculation engine, which make it a popular choice among players of all levels because it allows detailed analysis of specific situations, as well as offers advanced tools to improve decision-making in poker tournaments.

Holdem Resources Calculator

Holdem Resources Calculator is another must-have tool for poker players interested in calculating the ICM.

With a wide range of features, including the ability to simulate complex scenarios and perform accurate calculations, this calculator is especially useful for professional players and those looking to improve their understanding of tournament play.

Chip EV

If there is one thing Chip EV stands out for, it is its simplicity and ease of use. Although it lacks some of the advanced features of other calculators, its focus on simplicity makes it the most recommended for many, since it is important that it is an agile tool and that its control is not an impediment during the games.

Being easy to understand, it is the most accessible, and that helps at the same time those who are looking for an easy-to-use tool. Chip EV allows quick and accurate calculations of the value of decisions based on the ICM, making it one of the top choices in the ranking.


PokerStove is a classic poker calculator that also offers ICM-related functionality.

While not as advanced as some of the other options mentioned, it is still a valuable tool for quick calculations and getting a general idea of the value of poker tournament decisions.

ICMizer SNG Coach

ICMIZER SNG Coach is a specialized version of ICMIZER designed specifically for Sit & Go (SNG) players. It retains all the virtues of the original ICMizer, but applied to specific Sit & Go games, making it the best calculator for this type of poker games with more action.

It offers a whole host of unique features, including interactive lessons and practice scenarios that help players improve their understanding of ICM and make more informed decisions in this specific tournament format.

In depth with the ICM: what elements are taken into account to calculate it?

Apart from using a calculator to find out the ICM, it is important that you understand what this component involves and what elements come into play.

After all, the calculator is all very well, but it gives you the result, it does not understand it for you. That is your job and it is in your best interest to understand how this works in order to assimilate the role played by the ICM.

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ICM in poker: what it is, how to calculate it and basic strategy

In its most basic form, as you may have read if you’ve been curious and wanted to learn more about it, the ICM is calculated based on three key components that influence it: the players’ chip stacks, the tournament structure, and the total number of chips in play.

Let’s start with the chip stacks. Each player has an ICM value associated with his own chip stack. This value is calculated by taking into account the total number of chips in play and the way those chips are distributed among the players. We take this data and isolate it.

Next, we need to take a look at the tournament structure. The payout structure determines how much each position is paid, which is essential to calculate in monetary terms the value of each player’s chips.

As for the total number of chips in play, knowing the total number of chips is important because it determines the proportion of chips on the table. The calculation itself, although it can be complex, is based on these three elements.

In addition, it should be noted that the level of aggressiveness also depends on the size of the stack. With large stacks, play tends to be more conservative, especially as the game approaches the final table.

On the other hand, with small stacks, players tend to take more risks because each additional chip has a higher value in proportion than if they were playing with large stacks.

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