Pokerbros VIP: all about the VIP cards of this poker app

One of the main claims of Pokerbros are its VIP cards, which grant access to exclusive advantages to those who have them. They are a way of rounding off the Pokerbros gaming experience, boosting the obtaining of rewards and encouraging the fulfillment of additional objectives that allow users to enjoy a much more complete experience and full of loyalty incentives.

In this article we are going to tell you what Pokerbros VIP cards are, how they work, what rewards they grant and how they can improve the gaming experience.

What are Pokerbros VIP cards

Pokerbros VIP cards are tools designed to give VIP players access to exclusive rewards. They are divided into three levels: bronze, silver and gold, each with a unique rewards pack. These cards are unlocked when redeemed for diamonds, which in turn can be obtained by accumulating hours of play as a reward for staying at the tables.

The main purpose of these cards is to grant a series of incentives to facilitate the game in certain situations. But they are not only intended to facilitate victory in some delicate situations: they also give access to tools that can be of help in case of loss of connection. In other words, they have a direct impact on the player’s experience both on and off the table.

What features do Pokerbros VIP cards unlock?

But the crux of the matter is exactly what benefits these cards unlock. These are the main incentives of each Pokerbros VIP card:

    • Show stack in BBs
    • Rabbit Hunting
    • Time Bank
    • Free time bank of +15
    • 1 additional theme available
    • Possibility to create up to 1 club
    • 200 free emojis
    • +200 tags
    • Show stack in BBs
    • Rabbit Hunting
    • Time Bank
    • Free time bank of +80
    • 2 additional themes available
    • Possibility to create up to 2 clubs
    • 800 free emojis
    • +500 tags
    • Show stack in BBs
    • Rabbit Hunting
    • Offline protection
    • Time bank
    • Time bank of +120
    • 4 additional themes available
    • Possibility to create up to 3 clubs
    • 1200 free emojis
    • +1000 tags

What are these advantages? The possibility to show the stack in BBs allows the player to activate or deactivate at will the option to see the stack in big blinds and not in chips. This is something that can be done with any of the VIP cards and allows to customize the experience.

Rabbit Hunting allows to unlock the unlimited rabbit hunting mode, which allows the player to see the next cards in the deck when the hand is completed, being able to see what the chances would have been if other decisions had been made.

The time bank is an advantage that allows an additional timer to be activated, giving the player more leeway to act. It is a must for fans of multi-table games.

Regular tables allow up to two-time banks to be used on each hand, which makes decision making easier. It makes it easier to avoid stalemate in multi-table tournaments.

As for the labels, these are used to note down essential data about the game or about the opponents. They are useful for keeping important game data at hand. Of course, you will have to manage them…

How to become a Pokerbros VIP

Pokerbros VIP cards have several reward packs that will help round out the experience. This means that there are several ways to become a VIP player on the platform, but it is important to make good use of the diamonds to be sure that we properly exploit the advantages they will give us.

The ideal is to start at bronze level. Familiarize yourself with the power ups and experiment with them to learn how to get more out of these boosts.

Keep in mind that it is important to make strategic use of these advantages. Although the cards are available for 30 days, those items that have limited units will be disabled after being consumed.

We tell you this because Pokerbros VIP cards are obtained by redeeming the diamonds you have. As you probably already know, diamonds cost money to get and the cost of VIP cards increases as you go up the levels. This means that each player will have to think about how to use the diamonds, and whether it is better to exchange them for a lower-level card, or wait to collect more diamonds to exchange them for a VIP card of silver or gold level.

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