Poker playing styles: what type of player are you?

Poker is a game that has grown over time to offer the premier experience on major online gaming platforms. Its community of players seeks games of all types, from poker games with no real money to competitive tournaments with a large sum of money in the pot.

This variety of games and types of games translates into a truly diverse range of players. There are many types of poker players, depending on the personality trait that comes out during the game. And it is important to know which one is yours so that you can base your game taking into account that peculiarity.

So, let’s take a look at the main personality traits of poker players and the types of poker players that result in those character traits.

Types of poker players

  • The aggressive player. This is a type of player who tends to be forceful in every play. He takes risks, but calculated ones. Aggressive players base their strategy on perception and are also shrewd. They tend to bet on the upside and push their opponents to the limit. They are tremendously bold and very proactive, always having to bet high and take control of the table themselves.
  • The unpredictable player. They are the most difficult players to read, since they change the way, they play as the rounds go by. It does not mean that they are bad, only that they use their “weather vane tactics” to be more difficult to read. In addition, they are easy to recognize because they can react differently to the same situation, something that complicates things to know what their game is.
  • The player who does not take risks. They are slow action players, who base each move on a detailed calculation of the probabilities of their hands (they are not the only ones) and who do not take risks. They can push the table to assume a slow pace, something that can unsettle the most aggressive players if they are not mentally strong enough.
  • The psychological player. They are good at reading the tells of others. They control the non-verbal language to perfection to hide or mislead. They know how to read it well in others and are calculating, cunning and can become quite aggressive if they see that the game is turned against them. Masters at triggering impulsive reactions in others, they also run the risk of misreading an opponent or purposely reading a reaction that another opponent has thrown out as bait.
  • The player who is excessively calculating. The calculating player is meticulous and analytical. He examines every detail of the game, from the facial expressions of the opponents to the mathematical probabilities of each hand. This type of player makes decisions based on logic and statistics, trying to minimize the influence of luck on the outcome. These players run the risk of falling into what is called “analysis paralysis”, which can compromise their game.

Personality characteristics of poker players

  • Confidence. Confidence is a common characteristic among many poker players. Whether expressed through aggressiveness or composure, self-confidence is essential for making bold decisions and facing challenging situations at the table. However, overconfidence can lead to impulsive and costly decision making.
  • Cunning. Cunning is an essential skill for all poker players, but especially for those who take a psychological approach. Knowing when to bluff, when to fold, and when to show a strong hand is critical to manipulating opponents’ perceptions.
  • Adaptability. Adaptability is key for the unpredictable player, but it is also useful for all players. The ability to adjust strategies according to the situation at the table and the cards dealt is essential to survive and thrive in the poker world.
  • Analytical ability. Calculating players are noted for their analytical skills. They constantly evaluate probabilities and risks, making informed decisions based on hard data. This ability can be an advantage, but it can also work against them if they get too immersed in the details.
  • Patience. Patience is a virtue in poker. Patient players wait for the right opportunity to bet and do not get carried away by impatience. This quality is especially valuable for the conservative player, who may go for long periods without actively participating in hands.

The key to poker playing styles is not forcing yourself to be a type of player you are not. The personality traits of poker players are defined by the personality traits of each player, resulting in various ways of playing and thus the different types of poker players that can be found.

Someone who is calculating and meticulous will not be unpredictable no matter how hard he tries, although there are characteristics inherent in several of the types of poker players that are compatible. Aggressiveness and meticulousness may go hand in hand, but other traits such as meticulousness and unpredictability do not.

In short, in poker the types of players are defined by their personality traits. And those traits are reflected in the tells, which a good poker player knows how to read and which can be the key to winning the pot.

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