How to create a poker club on Pokerbros

Pokerbros is one of the most loved applications by poker fans to play in community. It is a young platform, easy to use, with a light interface and with multiple customization options to make the app adapt to the preferences of each user.

One of the strengths of Pokerbros are the clubs. And it has some of the best and most consolidated of the entire network. In this article we are going to explain how to create your own poker club on Pokerbros from scratch, as well as the advantages you can start enjoying by doing so.

Why to create a club on Pokerbros

The idea of creating your own poker club will come to you as soon as you know what benefits you can get from being part of a wider community of players. The fact of having a much higher volume of traffic, which nourishes all the tables with real players to enjoy genuine competition, is something that is very appealing and that greatly improves the user experience.

But creating a poker club is much more than just shaping a community to neutralize waiting times. It is a social tool that unites the members of the community, facilitates the meeting between fans and facilitates the enjoyment of a real poker experience, competitive but honest. But whether you decide to create your own or join an existing one, Pokerbros has clubs that are some of the best you can find as a player and poker fan.

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Best poker clubs in Pokerbros

How to create your Pokerbros club, step by step

As we said, you can join a Pokerbros poker club, or create your own. If you don’t know how to create a poker club, we will teach you. It’s the easiest thing in the world, but if you want to play it safe, take a look at the following summary:

  • Download the Pokerbros App. Go to Google Play or the App Store to start the Pokerbros App download. When the process is finished, log in.
  • Sign up. You will not be able to enjoy all the advantages of Pokerbros if you are not registered, so fill in the registration form and confirm your data.
  • Confirm your registration. A confirmation message will be sent to you by e-mail when you send your data. Confirm your registration to become part of the extensive Pokerbros community.
  • Click on the icon to create your own club. On the main page, you will see two icons at the top: a house with a “+” symbol, and a magnifying glass. With the magnifying glass you can search for clubs, but if you want to create your own poker club, you must enter through the house icon.
  • Choose the name of the club and create a description. When you access, you will be able to enter the essential data of your club. Name, description, icon… And very important: adjust the parameters to create a 100% customized experience. Range of players, available games, public or private admissions… All this will influence the experience.
  • Write down the ID and make it known or share it with your circle. If your club is going to be private, you will have to share the ID with those players you want to be part of your club. If it’s going to be public, you can share it anyway to grow your community of users faster.

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Don’t want to create a club? Join the best clubs on Pokerbros

Although it is very easy to know how to start a club on Pokerbros if you have created it from scratch, you always have the possibility to join an existing club. One of the main advantages of this is that its huge community of players will already be active, and you won’t have to wait to go through the “start-up” process while users join.

In Pokebros, clubs that are already up and running are an excellent alternative for that type of player you want:

  • Make sure to find enough players to enjoy a game.
  • Compete with real users.
  • Enjoy tables available 24/7.
  • Access easily and quickly to poker tables of many different varieties.

As creating a poker club implies that during the first stages you will have to be careful to filter the users that become part of it, you may want to skip this step and go straight to the action. No problem, it is 100% legal. These are two of the best poker clubs on Pokerbros:

    • ID: 1640957
    • App: Pokerbros
    • Country: USA
    • Union: PANAMERICA
    • Traffic: NLHE, MTT, Omaha
    • ID: 1668863
    • App: Pokerbros
    • Union: Paradise
    • Traffic: NLHE, MTT, Omaha

Please note that Pokerbros also has its own Telegram group, where you can keep up to date with the situation of the clubs and know the latest news related to the community.

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