How is the rake and rakeback in Pokerbros

Pokerbros is one of the best platforms to enjoy poker, and one of the basic aspects for all users when determining the suitability of your app to play poker is its rake and rakeback.

In order for you to understand the impact they have on the poker games you play on Pokerbros; we will review the concepts of rake and rakeback, and how they work in the games of the Pokerbros app.

What is rake in poker

The rake in poker is a small commission applied on each bet, and charged by the table for maintenance and management services. It is a small percentage, barely perceptible to the player, that the platform keeps in exchange for hosting all the poker services you use. Network infrastructure, security tools, monitoring, maintenance … there are many activities behind and that allow the proper functioning of Pokerbros and any online poker platform.

It is inherited from the rake charged by the live poker tables, which were based on the same principle: to charge a symbolic amount to the players in compensation for the cost of maintaining a physical casino. We are not only talking about the organization of games: we are also talking about material costs, infrastructure and security expenses…

Although each platform decides what rake applies to its games, a balance is always sought so that the proposal is attractive to the user. What is the purpose of this? To maintain a constant level of user acquisition. This leads us to think: if one platform has a higher rake than another, why would anyone want to play there and not elsewhere? The answer lies in the rakeback, because the higher the commission to be paid, the higher the percentage of it that is returned to the player. And that inevitably leads us to talk about rakeback.

What is rakeback in poker?

Rakeback is the concept used to refer to the amount of rake that is returned to the player as a reward for his loyalty. Normally, rakeback increases the higher the rake, as a form of compensation. In other words, the house says “we charge you this for offering you these services (rake), but we return this percentage of your rake to compensate you because you are part of our community and we want you to continue enjoying the game”.

The rakeback works in the same way as cashback, only that it is applied to the rake on a scale that depends on each platform. That is to say, each one looks for the best formula to encourage the entry of users in its community, making it grow and consolidate within the online poker sector.

The rakeback acquires a special meaning in the case of the highest-level players, because their volume of play is much higher, which makes the rakeback they obtain one more element to take into account to add to their monthly earnings. That is to say, even though the rakeback is residual, its accumulation can increase the player’s profit margins, improving his profit forecast.

This is something that pro players count on to calculate their positive margins, and can even help to compensate for bad plays in certain cases.

How rake and rakeback work on Pokerbros

Pokerbros is an app that has revolutionized the poker app scene. It allows you to enjoy online poker without the need to operate as a regular poker application. This gives much more flexibility to users, who can enter and enjoy all the action of Pokerbros forgetting the other concerns that may arise in other more conventional apps.

This new concept has a direct consequence on the game: it does not charge rake. What does this mean? That the action is more direct, that the player only has to worry about managing the data of the game itself and that he can forget about having to condition his strategy to his potential results.

That helps to be more direct, making poker more visceral, genuine. This is great for players who are looking for a straightforward, high-level game, but without other additional factors. That combination is perfect for pros who are looking for a different kind of game, one that keeps them in shape, giving them the stimulation, their brains need, but without reaching the stress levels of other competitions.

Therefore, those who are looking for a straightforward experience, with a lot of rhythm and action, high level, but leaving aside some numerical and mathematical aspects, have in Pokerbros a great alternative to enjoy poker as they want.

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