Free poker with no real money: where to play

For many users, especially those who are training in poker or want to experiment without putting their funds at risk, playing online poker games without money is the most normal thing in the world.

It is a way to live the excitement and experience of poker games, but without money, which means removing a key element to be able to focus on certain aspects of the game, learn from them and not be thinking about the stack.

However, although playing online poker without money has many advantages for beginners, it must be taken into account that including cash games is part of the experience if you want to advance. For many players, online poker without money and without registration is a way to break away from the competitive routine of poker, enjoying recreational games without further pressure.

Therefore, and although no-money poker games are very much associated with low level users, it is not uncommon to find tables in this type of rooms that combine players of all levels. And that, from a strategic point of view, opens up many more possibilities.

Playing online poker without real money: is it possible?

Yes, there are more and more platforms dedicated to poker that allow you to play without making a real money deposit from your bank account to your wallet. In fact, free poker without money is, for many, the preferred way to enjoy this game without pressure, and that is why the number of rooms that allow you to play free poker without money is increasing.

One of the best-known platforms to enjoy online poker without money is Pokerbros. Created in 2019, it is currently one of the top platforms in this segment. While it does require registration, the poker games that it is possible to join lack the component of real money betting, ideal for beginners and recreational players who seek nothing more than to enjoy poker.

One of the hallmarks of Pokerbros is transparency. The reason why such a young platform is being able to compete head-to-head with the big firms in the sector is because it shows all the information to the user without any trick or gimmick. This makes its reliability very high, and more and more players are choosing Pokerbros as their preferred option to enjoy a whole range of poker games without real money.

Discover Pokerbros!

Advantages of playing online poker for no real money

We are going to make a brief review of some of the most important advantages of cashless online poker so that you can see what exactly you will find in such a game, if you have not already tried it:

  • Zero risk of losing your continuity. The main advantage of playing poker without money is that your continuity in the game will not depend on how much you win or lose. This will make you play more relaxed, avoiding mistakes due to excessive pressure.
  • Not compromising your stack guarantees stability. By not compromising your stack, on which your role in the game depends, you will be able to focus on the way you approach the game, try new things and train yourself. Training with real money has the disadvantage that training can be interrupted if you don’t have the necessary funds.
  • Less pressure = more efficiency. Pressure is a double-edged sword. While it is necessary to get used to the pressure of the game to become familiar with the genuine feel of a real stakes game, it can work against the player. If the pressure is too much, your efficiency may drop, preventing you from getting good results that you would get under normal conditions.
  • You can take more risk. Assuming more risk is something that can only be done in a game where your money is not at risk, and it is basic for experimenting and training. That is why no-money poker games are the best option for those who want to try new things and take bigger risks without consequences.
  • Experiment without fear. Trying new things with real money gives a more authentic feeling, but the fear of losing and not being able to continue can inhibit the player from playing as he knows how; therefore, it is somewhat counterproductive.

All this makes us think that the game without real money is much more advisable for players with little experience and willing to train well. Because interrupted or stumbling training is not useful, hence the proliferation of poker games that do not have real money in their bets.

However, at some point, and as the player’s background begins to grow, it will be necessary to make the leap to play with real money. And the less prolonged this leap the better, if the intention is to become a poker professional. Because the sensations of playing with real money are different and it is necessary to acclimatize if you have learned to manage all the variables of poker with the cushion provided by the fact of knowing that you are not going to lose money.

However, if you are one of those who do not have that perspective and want to continue enjoying poker without putting real money at stake, Pokerbros is the best alternative to do so.

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