Bomb pot in poker: rules and when it occurs

Bomb pot games are variants of traditional poker games, in which all participating players put up a certain amount of money before cards are dealt. That amount goes into the pot. Where is the fun of these tables? Which are random jackpots and are associated with games with more pace and more money at stake.

Let’s see what conditions bomb pots meet in poker, what the rules of poker in a bomb pot are and what aspects you should take into account.

What is a bomb pot in poker

An exciting poker game that is common in cash games and special tournaments is known as bomb pot. Unlike what happens in traditional games, in bomb pots all players contribute to the pot by depositing an amount at the beginning of the game.

A bomb pot in poker is easily recognizable because this deposit process completely eliminates initial bets and, consequently, preflop raises. That adds an extra bit of uncertainty to the game, giving it much more excitement.

Something very peculiar about a poker bomb pot is that all hands are played completely, that is, it does not matter what cards the players have in their possession. There is no folding in preflop play, so the hand is always played. Knowing that, regardless of the players’ cards, the game continues gives the bomb pot extra tension.

Bomb pot rules in poker

Now that you know what a bomb pot is in poker, let’s get right into the rules. You can enjoy this type of games, but always being clear about what its pillars are. Because, even if you know the game modes (bomb pots in Texas Hold’em are common), the rules are different in this type of game, as we have mentioned above.

  • Player actions. After dealing the flop, the action begins with the player sitting to the left of the dealer. The game continues clockwise, and the same options are maintained as in a standard decision-making of any other game: bet, call, check and raise.
  • How to determine the winner. The player will be the one who makes the best hand with two of his player cards and three of the flop cards. This distribution is mandatory to shake hands.
  • Prizes and distribution. When the action on the river is completed and the players prepare to speak for the last time in the round, the showdown occurs. In the event of a tie, the pot is distributed equally among the players who obtained the tie.
  • Continuation of the game. Once the bomb pot is resolved, the game continues as normal. Regular betting and raising occurs before each hand, unless prior agreement states otherwise.
  • Scheduled rotations. In some poker games, bomb pots are scheduled in advance so that a round of these characteristics occurs periodically. In Texas Hold’em games, players can even agree to play a bomb pot every X round.
  • Pre-hand agreements. These agreements may or may not exist, which establish the frequency of the bomb pots and the way to establish the payment of deposits for the pot.

What is the strategy like in bomb pots?

Taking into account that bomb pots add extra uncertainty to the game, you must know how to shape the winning strategy. What to look for? Attentive:

  • Flop evaluation. It is important that on the flop you broadly evaluate the game situation. By having to go ahead no matter what with your hand, knowing this will allow you to know how many options you have to win the pot.
  • Reading rivals. Make no mistake: bomb pot games are highly strategic, it’s just that the potential reward is much higher. But we are not talking about games with a lot of action and little brains.
  • Strategy readjustment. Since bomb pots don’t give you an opportunity to fold before the flop, it’s important to keep an open mind and be willing to play hands that you would normally reject outright in a conventional poker game.
  • Keep the pot size under control. The pot size in a bomb pot game can get large quickly. It is important that you are aware of this to avoid running out of chips with a bad hand, and ending up not playing one that would have given you a chance to fight for the pot.

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